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Shia Court Marriage

Clients of different sects contacts us regarding Shia court marriage in Pakistan and our Ahle Tassi clients ask us various questions with respect to legal procedure of court marriage in Pakistan of the Shia sect and there they not only ask us the procedure but their one of the main concern is also the authenticity and validity of the marriage because many of the times both the male and female are not Shia and only one of the spouse is Shia and they even ask us the question whether the marriage between the Shia is Halal or Haram and the answer to the question is as long as both the male and female are Muslim and are not Kafir the marriage is Halal and only for the reason that the spouse belongs to other sect does not makes the marriage invalid. Shia court marriage in Faisalabad Pakistan is approximately the same as other court marriages in Faisalabad Pakistan. The only difference is the procedure of nikah conducted before the spouse appears before a magistrate. Before appearing before a magistrate a proper Nikah is conducted and the copy of nikah nama is attached with the petition before the spouse appears before the magistrate so in this way the marriage becomes both Islamic and legal in all aspects.

There are two main procedural difference between the Shia nikah and the Sunni Nikah. Once of the difference is the witnesses and the other is the Khutba.  Unlike Sunni Nikah witnesses are not required in Shia Nikah. The Shia sect is of the view that the only thing required in the Shia Marriage is the Ijab and Qabool which means offer and acceptance how ever in case of divorce they require two witnesses which is not mandatory in Sunni sect and after the Ijab and Qabool the other difference is the Khutba. The Shia imam recites Seegas instead of Khutba which includes the recitation of Verses from Holy Quran.
We have made it short and easy the difference between Sunni and the Shia marriage procedure in Pakistan for the better understanding of the readers how ever anyone can feel free to contact us to understand the court marriage procedure in Urdu if He or She is unable to understand it. There is no Law firm in Faisalabad Pakistan other than Ali Shahzad Advocate &  Associates which is providing the facility of Shia court marriage in Faisalabad Pakistan as per the demand of our clients. The Shia bride and groom also takes Gusal before performing the Nikah ceremony. Clients from all over Pakistan can contact us for the Legal procedure of court marriage in Pakistan and for the Shia clients we can provide them the services of  Shia court marriage in Faisalabad Pakistan and have there Shia marriage procedure in Pakistan done. For any confusion regarding the Shia marriage the clients can contact us any time as we will happy to assist them regarding the Legal procedure of court marriage in Pakistan and provide them the best services.

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